Blockchain Research Institute: Public Research Hub

See also their available materials on Coursera which can be viewed for free or for a fee earn a blockchain expert certificate.

The Blockchain Research Institute’s Public Research Hub offers free access to its blockchain studies after a six-month member-exclusive period. It includes case studies detailing practical use cases and white papers exploring blockchain’s impact on different sectors. Current featured projects address government strategies, blockchain’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic, and the transition to digital currencies. Access comprehensive blockchain insights and stay informed with the latest trends in the field.

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My career journey weaves entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, and technological innovation starting from the 1990s with a salvage company focused on eco-friendly appliance decommissioning. As a trained historian and former associate director in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, I gained leadership and policy experience. I significantly impacted healthcare through digital transformations, like introducing electronic medical records at major health systems. I also pursue photography, with projects emphasizing environmental preservation, and currently manage a retail operation, integrating my diverse skills to drive innovation in digital arts and biotechnology investments.