OXZOcorp Company Profile

Welcome to OXZOcorp, a beacon of innovation and futurism inspired by the visionary landscapes of Bruce Sterling’s “Islands in the Net.” OXZOcorp is not just a company; it’s an odyssey into the realms of what’s possible when technology and imagination converge. Founded with the ambition to redefine the boundaries of blockchain technology and analog sales and services, OXZOcorp stands at the vanguard of the next digital revolution.

Our Mission: At OXZOcorp, our primary goal is capital generation through strategic investments in the blockchain ecosystem and a unique portfolio of analog sales and services. We envision a future where technology seamlessly integrates into every facet of life, enhancing human capabilities and creating a decentralized, efficient, and empowered global community.

Our Approach: OXZOcorp embodies a futuristic, science fiction-like ethos, operating as a think tank and hedge fund with a keen focus on AI-human augmentation methodology. We are dedicated to the capital accrual and development of cutting-edge technologies that promise to shape the future of humanity and commerce.

Our Fields of Innovation:

  • Cryptocurrency As a Business: We dive deep into the world of DeFi, ICOs, staking, and pools, leveraging the power of blockchain to unlock unprecedented value and opportunities.
  • Research and Development: Our team produces in-depth research reports on Web3 markets, including AMM, DEX, and perpetual contracts, guiding our strategies and investments.
  • Creators and Innovators: OXZOcorp champions creativity, from abstract art that defines our website’s aesthetics to groundbreaking Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Our initial project, “Wonderland,” draws inspiration from the adventures of Alice and her journey through the looking glass, blending literary and science fiction themes with exquisite, non-pixelated aesthetics.

Our Philosophy: OXZOcorp is more than a corporation; it’s a community of thinkers, creators, and innovators dedicated to exploring the untapped potential of the digital frontier. We believe in the transformative power of technology to not only generate wealth but also to elevate the human experience to unprecedented heights.

Join Us on Our Journey: As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital and analog realms, OXZOcorp invites you to be part of our journey. Whether through investment, collaboration, or creativity, your participation is a step towards realizing a future where technology and humanity coalesce in harmony. Welcome to OXZOcorp – where the future is not just imagined, but created.

Curtis Seven

As the CEO of OXZOcorp, my journey blends a unique tapestry of entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, historical insight, and cutting-edge technological innovation. Starting in the 1990s, I pioneered a salvage company dedicated to the eco-conscious decommissioning of appliances, ensuring harmful substances like refrigerants, mercury, and PCBs were safely removed. This early venture laid the foundation for my commitment to integrating sustainable practices within business models.

My academic path led me to become a trained historian, completing my graduate work at Mankato State in 2004. During this time, I also served as the associate director of Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, where I gained invaluable experience in leadership and policy advocacy. This role underscored my belief in the importance of community engagement and the impact of thoughtful leadership.

Transitioning from academia to healthcare, I played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of several leading health systems, including Mayo Foundation, Park Nicollet, Allina, and Fairview. I contributed to the early adoption of electronic medical records, marking a significant leap from paper to digital, thus enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

Parallel to my professional endeavors, I’ve nurtured a passion for photography, earning accolades and a grant to study the Whitewater River in Southeastern Minnesota. This project not only highlighted my artistic talents but also reinforced my commitment to environmental and historical preservation.

Currently managing a retail operation at Goodwill, I continue to apply my diverse skills and insights to drive positive change and innovation. My lifelong engagement with the financial markets, beginning with reading the Wall Street Journal at the tender age of 14, has evolved into savvy investments in biotechnology and Web3 startups.

Leveraging over three decades of experience in visual arts, I’m now venturing into the digital realm, developing NFTs and other products that blend art, technology, and commerce. At the helm of OXZOcorp, I’m steering the company to be at the forefront of innovation, using my rich background and visionary approach to shape the future of digital and physical marketplaces. OXZOcorp is not just a business; it’s the culmination of my life’s work and passion, set to redefine industry standards and create lasting value.